Art I Love ~ Coffee in Seoul

16 Jul

“Coffee in Seoul” by Stephen Nicol

FB Adverts

15 Jul

Facebook has decided to advertise EBAY products to me on the side ~ probably because I’ve been out there so much.  Unfortunately, they keep advertising MY products, the one’s I’m selling.  AD Fail, FB, AD Fail.

More Art With Food!

13 Jul

Originally posted on The Journal:


More art with food! All terribly clever don’t you think?


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Nom Nom

13 Jul

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Doesn’t this look delicious!

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Art I Love ~ Hades and Persephone

13 Jul

“Hades and Persephone” by Sandara

Summer Veggies for Gorgeous Skin

10 Jul

Summer Veggies for Gorgeous Skin

by Harper’s Bazaar via “Yahoo News”


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Random Question of the Day

9 Jul

How much did the composer/copyright owner of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” song make? Because it is EVERYWHERE. . . There’s the Inception song for fantasy film intros and the Pirates of the Caribbean song for every single espionage / suspense moment.  I want that copyright!  $$$$ signs are floating in front of my eyes.  It’s even showing up still at all the sporting events!  And on my TESOL demo video :P


Court: Cops can’t Stop Drivers Based on the Color of their Cars

9 Jul

Good news for the sports car drivers!  My guess is that it won’t take long for this case to lead to a finding that Cops can’t stop drivers based on the make of their car either.  So that Red Mustang won’t be quite as likely to get you pulled over :)  **DB


Court: Cops can’t Stop Drivers Based on the Color of their Cars

By Justin Hyde via “Yahoo News

Photo illustration: Yahoo Autos

“Probable cause” has long been one of those terms that made the jump from legal jargon to household term, especially with regards to drivers who get pulled over. The struggle over what that allows on American roads — and what it doesn’t — took a new turn last week with a Florida ruling that threw out a conviction stemming from a police officer who found something wrong with the color of a car.

In 2010, a deputy in Florida’s Escambia County saw one Kendrick Van Teamer drive by in a bright green Chevrolet. The deputy ran his plates, and found the registration matched a blue Chevrolet. There were no warrants out for Teamer, no reports of stolen vehicles and no pending crimes that involved either a blue or green Chevy. Teamer also wasn’t violating any traffic laws.

But the deputy pulled Teamer over anyway, simply because of the mismatch of the car’s color. Teamer said the car had been recently painted, which was true. It also contained small amounts of cocaine, marijuana and $1,100 in cash. Teamer was charged with drug trafficking and possession, convicted and sentenced to six years in prison.

Teamer appealed, and last week as noted by The Newspaper, the Florida Supreme Court ordered him freed on a 5-2 decision, upholding a lower appeals court ruling that the deputy was wrong to stop Teamer simply becuase the color of his car didn’t match its registration. The court noted that in numerous U.S. Supreme Court rulings, justices have found police can’t pull someone over for everday behavior that’s not linked to a crime, saying Teamer’s stop was not different from those triggered by the race of the driver: . . . .



Art I Love ~ Living Mushrooms

8 Jul

“Living Mushrooms” by Bakenius

Random Fun: Test Your Vocabulary!

8 Jul



Fun new test, you can access at!  I had over 33,000 words :)


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