23 Oct



22 Oct

Lawrence the laptop is currently broken :(  post might take a couple weeks.

Music I Love ~ S.W.G.

21 Oct

Love the message!

Demon Bunnies

21 Oct


Meant to be adorable, these bunnies are a common souvenir offered to travelers at the Jade market.  But the red eyes just make me think demon-possessed evil bunnies.  0_0

Things Students Say

20 Oct

“Met Lots of Interesting Things”

Addam’s Family “Thing”

Interesting “Things” – These probably had GREAT nail polish!!  :)

Wushu Festival

20 Oct

Originally posted on A Life Savored:


Calm after hard work at the Wushu festival, the Shaolin Temple’s annual event where the students show off what they have learned.

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Week 7 Bar Results

17 Oct

At the end of Week 7, these bar exams results have been released:

Art I Love ~ “The Green Parasol”

17 Oct

“The Green Parasol” by Emanuel Phillips Fox (1912)

Good Day to be Alive!

15 Oct

Morning with awesome students who buy me yummy tea, Lunch with my bestest mother, Afternoon with more awesome students, and then snacks and a movie with Tammy (my Chinese sister-at-heart), Jacko, and Luis? Why yes, I think that makes for an awesome day!

Hearts of China

13 Oct

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