Week 3 Bar Results

21 Sep

At the end of Week 2, these bar exams results have been released:

Chinese Teaching Objective Passed!

19 Sep

Three Cheers!  Woohoo! Yay! 

Oops, sorry I got a little carried away – I’m teaching my students about leading by being the team’s cheerleader and got a little caught up in the chanting and cheering :P

I recently accomplished a great triumph in my classroom here in China – a student raised her hand and asked me to repeat myself.  

Yes, you heard that right. . . she raised her hand and spoke in class.  (wipes away a tear) I’m just so proud.  

One of the cultural differences I’ve found here in China as a teacher is that students respect their teachers almost to the point of worship.  It’s both self-confidence-inspiring and terrifying.  They have a general fear of speaking in front of other students due to the risk of sounding like an idiot (one I’m sure students around the world share), a problem compounded by their culturally-specific fear of asking the teacher a question. I rather suspect they expect the event to go something like this:


S: Teacher, I am so incredibly sorry, and I know it’s my fault, you are oh so wise. But I’m utterly lost.

Me:  Shock! Gasp! Horror! You are telling me I (a foreigner from a strange land speaking your third language) didn’t explain the concept of Kantian ethics precisely the first time for you to immediately grasp all nuances?  How dare you!  Fiend! Horrible creature!  Someone call the class monitor and have this child fed to wolves immediately!

Class Monitor:  Off with his head!

Classmates:  Bwahahahahahaha, what a fool!


And so forth.

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Let’s Dance!

18 Sep

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Freshman Welcoming Ceremony at Sias International University

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School Dances to “筷子兄弟 小苹果” (My Little Red Apple)

18 Sep

“筷子兄弟-小苹果”, sound recording administered by:
Prodigee Media Sdn Bhd (Music)

SIAS International University’s Freshman Candle-Lighting Ceremony was the other night. This song is very, very popular right now at weddings, clubs, parties,etc. So the university clubs, students, and workers got together and put together a dance video to welcome in the Freshmen. So Awesome!!!!

Chinese Student Finds Niche Market for Feminine Pads

17 Sep

Wow, as a teacher here in China, I have had a lot of fun watching the cute freshmen run around for training.  But I have to agree, it is a foot problem waiting to happen.  Go Li Yuan!  You deserve a business award for 1. great idea and 2. good business sense.  I’m impressed. **DB


Chinese Student Finds Niche Market for Feminine Pads

by Nancy Z via “DramaFever

A college student in China has found a niche market for feminine pads. It is a funny story, but we can also learn some business lessons from a budding young entrepreneur who identified a problem and found a solution.

(photo whxy.swu.edu.cn)

All Chinese college students must endure a type of military boot camp training in their first year in college. It’s like a strenuous PE class where they go through lots of physical activities like trekking and jogging. An effect of such activities is what happens when you put young men’s feet and sweaty socks together. Yes, strong odor.

Lesson #1 – Be observant.

Enter Li Yuan, a third-year student at the Southwest University in Chongqing, China. He figured out that putting a feminine pad in a shoe can absorb moisture and prevent odor. Actually, he didn’t come up with the idea originally. He saw a few male students looking shy while standing near the feminine pads aisle at a supermarket. He was curious and learned from the manager that these students were buying the pads for use at the boot camp sessions.

Lesson 2 – Identify the problem.

The problem is actually two-fold as many new college students don’t even know that they’ll benefit from the feminine pads and that many male students would find it embarrassing to shop for the feminine pads out in the open.

Lesson 3 – Decide on a solution.

Li realized where there is a demand, he can provide the supply. He decided that he would become a personal shopper and sell the feminine pads directly to the students in the comfort and privacy of their dorms.  . . . .



My Daily Tea Message

16 Sep



“May your colorful life be decorated with happiness and your beauty be immersed in joy.”


cup2 cup

A Love that Never Dies

14 Sep

Originally posted on One Ear In The Past:

“Friendship is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings will go on forever.”


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Teacher’s Appreciation Day

14 Sep

For Teacher’s Appreciation Day, the University gave all of the foreign teachers a massive Fruit Basket :P  It included grapes, apples, Asian pears, dragon fruit, mangoes.  Yum!!!

Week 2 Bar Results

13 Sep

At the end of Week 2, these bar exams results have been released:

  • North Carolina (Onlinel)
  • Wyoming (via Mail)
  • Wisconsin (via Mail)
  • Kansas (Online) ~ 88% passage rate
  • Oklahoma (Online) ~ 79% passage rate
  • West Virginia (Online) ~ 75% passage rate
  • Arkansas (Online)
  • Iowa (Online) ~ 81%
  • New Mexico (Online) ~ 84%
  • Idaho (Online) ~ 65.1` %
  • Washington (Online) ~ 77%

Japanese: One Stroke Dragon

10 Sep


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