Reflecting Bridge

30 Oct

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Update on Xinzheng Burial Ground

28 Oct

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They closed off the site before we could see any more of the progress; however, we do know that they have uncovered about 40 tombs so far.  There are estimated to be at least 200 more not yet excavated.  They have been finding random odds and ends in the graves, including pottery and some gold jewelry.  It is believed that this was the burial ground for the village, so it is  a mixture of lovely graves and less up-kept ones.   At least some date back to the 3rd Century B.C.E., around the late Warring States Kingdom of Han.  Right now, the government has closed the area off to students and visitors, and they will be monitoring the progress.  Xinzheng is the “Birthplace” of China because Emperor Huangdi was born here.  It was the central-point for several dynastic governments, and there is a lot of history here.  It will be…

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Adding Paypal Button to Widget

28 Oct

Now that I have 5+ blogs and 3 website going, keeping everything is starting to take more time and money to cover website maintenance.  I decided to add a Paypal “Donate” button to a couple of the social blogs for those people gracious enough to volunteer to help out.

Unfortunately, the process of adding a “Donate” button was rather more confusing than I expected it to be.  I assumed that you simply created the button on Paypal and then copied the code, but it took a few more steps.

There is a page dedicated to the subject, but it mostly works from the focus of adding the button to a post or page.  Not as a widget.  This one from me is dedicated to the Widgets :)


1.  Go to your WordPress blog and open up “Widgets.”

2. Click and Drag an “Image” Widget onto your Sidebar.

3. Give it whatever Widget title you want ~ e.g. Help Keep the Site Going ❤ Continue reading


Balloon anyone?!?

27 Oct


Art I Love – At the Balcony

24 Oct
At the Balcony

“At the Balcony” by Pino Daeni



23 Oct



22 Oct

Lawrence the laptop is currently broken :(  post might take a couple weeks.

Music I Love ~ S.W.G.

21 Oct

Love the message!

Demon Bunnies

21 Oct


Meant to be adorable, these bunnies are a common souvenir offered to travelers at the Jade market.  But the red eyes just make me think demon-possessed evil bunnies.  0_0

Things Students Say

20 Oct

“Met Lots of Interesting Things”

Addam’s Family “Thing”

Interesting “Things” – These probably had GREAT nail polish!!  :)


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